Air France

Hong Kong
£444BirminghamHong Kong16JAN-19JAN, 21JAN-25JAN, 28JAN-31JAN, 02FEB-07FEB, 11FEB, 01MAR, 03MAR, 06MAR-08MAR,10MAR-13MAR, 15MAR, 19MAR-21MAR, 25MAR, 27MAR, 11APR, 17APR, 20APR, 23APR-25APR, 27APR-05MAY, 07MAY-12MAY, 14MAY-17MAY, 19MAY-23MAY, 29MAY, 31MAY, 04JUN-08JUN, 10JUN-13JUN, 19JUN, 28AUG-30AUG, 04SEP, 05SEP, 16SEP, 18SEP, 19SEP
£443ManchesterHong Kong23JAN-25JAN, 03MAR, 06MAR-08MAR,10MAR-15MAR, 11APR, 17APR, 20APR, 23APR-25APR, 28APR-05MAY, 07MAY-12MAY, 14MAY-17MAY, 31MAY, 04JUN, 07JUN, 08JUN, 11JUN, 13JUN, 29AUG-30AUG, 04SEP-06SEP, 12SEP, 13SEP, 16SEP, 18SEP, 19SEP
£438LondonHong Kong16JAN-19JAN, 21JAN-25JAN, 28JAN-31JAN, 03MAR, 06MAR-08MAR,10MAR-13MAR, 17APR, 20APR, 23APR-25APR, 28APR-03MAY, 07MAY-10MAY, 14MAY-17MAY, 19MAY-22MAY, 07JUN, 05SEP


China Cities
£388ManchesterBeijing13JAN-01FEB, 05MAR-21MAR, 09APR-20JUN. 01OCT-26OCT
£399LondonShanghai13JAN-01FEB, 05MAR-21MAR, 09APR-20JUN. 01OCT-26OCT
£429ManchesterGuangzhou13JAN-01FEB, 05MAR-21MAR, 09APR-20JUN. 01OCT-26OCT


*Book Before 15JAN18

*Flight to Hong Kong, China baggage allowance is 46KG, other Asian cities baggage allowance is 23KG

All prices inclusive of prepayable taxes and charges. Fares may change due to availability at the time of booking. Price is for round trip ticket unless specified otherwise.